Article 4: The Liminal Space

This idea of the liminal space is something completely new to me, but something that I understand too well. Liminal Space is the beginning of something new, the transformation that we take through to the unknown. It is a place where things change and we learn new things, but as stated in the article “Change in one area of life always spills into others that disrupt the status quo. There is a ripple effect.”, which can be really scary for some people (Pier Learning, 2016).

This really resonates with me, as I have this feeling before starting each of my placements for teaching. It is so exciting, yet there is so much unknown. We have no idea what school we are going to be teaching at, what year level or what our class might be like. It does get easier each time, knowing that you will make it through it is just all of those thoughts that do run through your mind beforehand.

This image represents a path to the unknown. The thought of what might be past where the eye can see.

Pier Learning. (2016). What is a Liminal Space? Retrieved from

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