Article 7: Critical and Analytical Reflection


Salmons 5 Stage Model

So far on my journey through EDFD459 I have developed many different skills and seen myself grow as an online learner. I have clearly seen myself in each stage of Salmons (2011) ‘5 Stage Model’ of online learning. At the start of the unit I was in the access and motivation stage where I was exploring all of the different modes of communication that online learning offers, such as adobe connect, flipgrid, discussion forums and wordpress. It took me a while to get used to these platforms as I do not regularly use technology. Next I saw myself in the socialization phase which saw me communicating with peers via LEO, and getting into the habit of commenting on posts and giving constructive feedback. After this I was involved in the information exchange phase which had me creating my blog on WordPress, which would be used as a place to record my growing understanding of learning spaces. In the knowledge construction stage I took on feedback from peers which allowed me to alter my thinking and deepen my thoughts. Now I am in the final stage of the model ‘development’ which is where I will continue to actively engage in the new learning for the rest of the semester.

I have really enjoyed being apart of this online learning community. It provides so many opportunities for learning in a different light to usual. I hope to introduce the online learning space to my students as a place they can work together and learn from each other. I have really enjoyed creating a blog as a way of seeing how my and my peers’ ideas have developed over the course of the unit. Blogs, google docs and other platforms allow for us to work in an interactive space which is definitely the way of the future.


Salmon, G. (2011). E-moderating: The key to Teaching and Learning Online (3rd ed.) (pp. 31-59). London: Routledge.

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